Why Uncommon Threads and why now? (Hint: tax reform!)

December 19th, 2017

Why Uncommon Threads Needs Your Gift: Helping Women

This is a watershed moment for supporting women. We need to invest in women now more than ever! Nationally, on average only $.08 cents of every dollar spent by organized philanthropy goes to programs targeted to women and girls. There are many amazing programs in our community that focus on children, however empowering their moms is equally as important. At Uncommon Threads, our mission is to strengthen low-income women by building their self-esteem with an outside-in approach. For when women look good, they feel good– and strong confident women are healthy and positive role models to their children and productive community members.

Here is a story of a woman who was transformed by her experience – so much so she is on her way to reuniting with her children. There are more success stories on our Facebook page #kindnessmatters

Why Now: Tax Reform?

Are you trying to make financial decisions as you plan ahead for 2018? Good luck with that! Have you heard the experts talking about making charitable contributions now versus in 2018? Here is a link to The New York Times “Your Money” column suggesting now may be a good time to “make large charitable donations.”

Here’s How!

If you haven’t made a contribution to Uncommon Threads this year, please consider contributing during our annual appeal. Your donation is 100% tax deductible and every penny will help low-income struggling women reclaim their sense of self. Even the smallest gift will help us provide them new undergarments that they need. Your support today will allow us to grow in 2018 so we can serve twice as many women!

Happy Holidays everyone! We send our gratitude and our sincere wishes for a wonderful and peaceful new year!