Why become a Gala Sponsor? Amy Bloom’s story…

February 4th, 2019

“Remember that you are a powerful woman. Take time for yourself to heal, take care of your mind and body, and reach for the stars.” — Amy Bloom, Women’s Advocate

Amy Bloom was our Empowerment Sponsor for the first Annual Uncommon Threads Gala in May 2018. As a woman-owned business, Amy understands the importance of women helping other women to be the best they can be – whether that means dressing to impress at a job interview, mentoring female architects, or showing them how to be strong in a business primarily run by men.

As a breast cancer survivor, she can relate to how one’s self-image impacts a women’s ability to thrive.  After her mastectomy, she hated her body – bald and scarred. But through art,  her work, and perseverance she healed and has built a successful career.  Amy has worked on several affordable housing and not-for-profit retail projects in Lawrence, MA, including several at Union Crossing located at 50 Island Street.  She is involved with a master-planning project with Lawrence CommunityWorks to develop up to eighty (80) affordable housing and accompanying commercial space along the Merrimack River, right next door to Uncommon Threads on Island Street!

In addition to her career, Amy makes time for her husband and young sons, as well as other moms through an online support group she started through Andover Mums.  Grateful for her recovery, she is paying it forward through her philanthropy.  There was no doubt in her mind that Uncommon Thread’s mission was one she could get behind!  Thank you Amy!

Website: www.AmyBloomArchitecture.com

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