Unsung Hero: Marcia Valenti brings enthusiasm and business savvy to Uncommon Threads!

April 24th, 2018

Volunteer Marcia Valenti

Q: How did you learn about Uncommon Threads?

A: May Dougherty, owner of Chic Consignment and member of the Advisory Board was telling me about this organization she was involved with that used fashion as a platform to build women’s self-esteem and confidence. I am a strong believer in women supporting other women and have raised three strong, opinionated women myself and had been looking for a way to give back now that my girls are in college. I wanted to do something that was specifically related to helping women. In the fall of 2017, I went to Uncommon Threads first Pop-Up shop event and met Susan Kanoff and many other women who were volunteering their time at Uncommon Threads. I immediately embraced the generosity of spirit that I felt in the room that day and knew I had found an organization that I could become involved with.

Q: How are you involved?

A: My first involvement was in making a donation. Not only are volunteers necessary in all organizations, but there are stable costs of running them, so a stream of revenue is highly important for success, especially in a nonprofit. UT plans to expand so it is necessary to find a way to fund the expansion while paying the bills! I offered to sell some of the more unusual and expensive donations to Uncommon Threads on eBay. I have had an eBay store for over 15 years and know the ins and outs of this retail model. Higher prices can be generated from this model than the popup store because sales are generated worldwide. To date, it has worked well and we have made hundreds of dollars for our mission.

Q: Wonderful! How do people find your eBay store?

A: Stay tuned!! The store is currently being revamped. It will feature the higher end clothes and jewelry and handbags that have been donated. We will let our newsletter subscribers know when the new improved shop is ready! It will be filled with goodies like St. John, Prada, and Chanel!

Q: How do you choose what to sell?

A: Not only do you have to have a sense of current fashion trends, but you have to know what brands sell on eBay. They are not the same brands as at a retail store as different designer sell in different countries. I lived in New York City and became obsessed with style and fashion. It is a huge part of the city! I love mixing and matching expensive pieces with inexpensive pieces and creating a look. I also enjoy dressing other people and helping them find their style. I am looking forward to my first styling session at Uncommon Threads!

Q: Who is your fashion inspiration?

A: That is an interesting question. Fashion is an expression of self. I think as you grow and change your fashion grows and changes with you. I am inspired by people who do not follow the rules but let fashion be an expression of their authentic self at that given time. I do enjoy reading all the over 50 fashion bloggers making the over 50 fashion women relevant and keeping us stylish!!

Thank you,Marcia!