The Women’s Empowerment Center (WEC) kicks off 2018!

March 14th, 2018

The Women’s Empowerment Center (WEC) kicked off 2018 with two outstanding workshops designed to boost our client’s self-esteem. In January, author Patricia Bateson guided participants through meditation and breath-work using techniques from her book Firewalk. Safely sharing conversation and experiences proved to be just as cathartic and empowering. Many clients expressed their desire to move forward with healthy and positive changes in their lives. “I am leaving full” expressed one client, referring to her gratitude for the workshop, and the hope, love and understanding that was felt by all.

Author Patricia Bateson

February’s Program, “Be Your Own Valentine,” was equally well received.  Co-lead by Relationship Coach Karen Jones, and Holistic/Creative Fitness Coach Mira Furth, clients worked on ways to increase self-love by re-programming their inner messaging, learning to accept compliments and practicing positive self-talk.

Recognizing that only we can determine how others treat us , and the relationship between our own capacity to receive love and the quality of relationships we get into.  

Karen asked the women to name three things about themselves they liked and hearing the participants offer these words was amazing to witness.

Karen’s suggestions for self-care:

  • Warm baths with aromatherapy candles
  • Time to read or color
  • Shopping for a special treat (even ice-cream!)
  • A manicure,
  • Watching a movie
  • Quiet time or even a long nap!   

Participants all received a copy of a book, The Power of Your Words Shall Make It So – Declaration of Intention, as a tool to continue the practice of self-care.   Participants talked how self-care can often lead to guilt, and yet taking care of self is essential to be able to take care of others.  

The program wrapped up with playful art project led by Mira Furth.  Directed to write three examples of what self-love meant, the attendees were set free to create an art piece to express it.  See pictures already posted on Facebook.

The event concluded with a healthy lunch, some “not so healthy” Valentine’s treats and an accessory party at the boutique! As the women departed, they expressed so many positive feelings: “empowered,” “inspired,” “hopeful,” and “grateful” (everyone agreed on this one!)