Once homeless, now an employed fashionista!

July 19th, 2018

After overcoming many obstacles in her life, including a period of homelessness, Lisa was ready to start a new chapter with a new career.

A striking mother of four grown men who encourage her to pamper herself more, Lisa is finally listening.  Originallynative to New York City’s Puerto Rican community, she’s got a great figure and a bright personality.  The recent session was noticeably different than previous sessions when Lisa has visited us. After a few months of support from The Point After Club, her confidence was booming and she was clearly focused on finding a job in the local retail fashion world.

Her only roadblock: appropriate attire to match her personality in the workplace.

The Point After Club is a Lawrence, Massachusetts based organization providing support for individuals in recovery from mental illness. Their community support is functionally geared toward long-term employment. The motto of the Point After Club is “If you are doing it alone, you’re doing it wrong!”  After gaining momentum with the Point After Club community, Lisa was confident enough to embark on her job search.

Lisa began her empowerment session at Uncommon Threads full of anticipation and a broad, beaming smile.  She seemed ready to move towards the next phase of her life. With gorgeous curves and an infectious positive attitude, our posse of stylists were thrilled to elevate her fashion to the same level as her personality. Given the nature of the job Lisa sought, we knew that the outfits had to be on trend and age appropriate. We searched for beautiful, dressy outfits for Lisa and her lovely figure. She happily selected the first dress we picked out! We paired it with a beautiful silver handbag and grey pearl necklace. Voila! She was ready to interview and knock their socks off. Comfy shoes were a must because she expected to be on her feet most of the workday. We were fortunate to have a pair of Patricia Green Collection shoes that we used as part of her four-outfit package.

Getting the job and giving back.

After our session, Lisa interviewed at a local fashion store and found a position that suited her personality and style perfectly. Fortunately, we planned for Lisa having a successful job hunt and provided her with some stylish clothing to relax in for those much needed days off from work. Being grateful for this makeover, she vowed to make a donation from her first paycheck so that others can be as pampered as she was, and she did!

We hope to see more of Lisa as she travels along her life’s journey.   Our stylists empower upwards of fifteen clients per week.  Each of our clients are referred by one of approximately fifty local organizations servicing the community.

Positive change happens through boosting self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth.

At Uncommon Threads, we look forward to increasing the positive imprint in women’s lives through fashion and self-image. If you’d like to learn more about how to participate in the Uncommon Threads growing empowerment community, contact us.