“Fuel Your Lives!” Workshop by Rose Dalton

February 7th, 2020

Anyone who walks into Uncommon Threads knows the power of women helping women. Whether you are a client, a volunteer, a shopper or employee, you are welcomed, smiled at, chatted with and made to feel like part of the group. This welcome and inclusion makes Uncommon Threads an amazing place to be, especially with the difficulties we all face in our daily lives.

On a recent Tuesday, clients of Uncommon Threads were treated to an inspiring workshop facilitated by Rose Dalton about how to use those difficulties as feminine rocket fuel to further our lives and face our obstacles. Rose is a motivational speaker, an Uncommon Threads volunteer, and a beautiful woman, inside and out. She talks about the challenges we face as women; with our families, our jobs, society. How we stand up to obstacles impacts every part of our life, from health and happiness to friendships and family.

“Women are rich in resilience and strength,” says Rose. “Those of us who have faced challenges have a deeper appreciation for life and what is important. That is a gift as we move forward in our lives.” In her workshop, Rose discusses ways that we can help ourselves. We find things that we are grateful for each day. We pay attention to how we speak to ourselves, and how the people around us make us feel. Are we being kind to ourselves? Do we mother ourselves or only others? Are we surrounding ourselves with positive people who make us happy? We should move towards “everything that feels like lightness and love,” says Rose.

After being filled with inspiration and acceptance, a number of workshop guests got the pleasure of being styled with some beautiful clothes from the Uncommon Closet Boutique. “The ladies really helped me to get out of my comfort zone. The pieces they picked out for me were very elegant,” says Tommie. She felt like she had a personal shopper and stylist. “I feel like a million bucks!” exclaimed Esther after her stylist found her four amazing outfits. “Everyone was so nice. I got beautiful clothes I can wear and feel good about.” Her mom, Clara, walked away from her styling sessions feeling “incredible” and “like a queen.

At Uncommon Threads, everyone is a queen and everyone is treated like treasured family. Women help women be their best selves; happy, confident, accepted and ready for any challenge.