Businesses with a Heart: These companies share our vision – make women look their best!

April 24th, 2018

Client in Leota Dress

Leota makes versatile print dresses suitable for every shape and size and has made generous clothing donations to Uncommon Threads. Sarah Carson, the company’s founder, named the business after her great-grandmother, who represented everything Leota stands for: strong matriarchs, hard work, and fashion. Like Uncommon Threads, Leota works to empower women by helping them dress their best, which in turn allows their inner confidence and radiance to shine through. The dresses are vibrant and colorful with eye-catching patterns that make a bold statement and exude strength and confidence. We are sincerely grateful for Leota’s contributions to Uncommon Threads.

“Cut from the same cloth,” Soft Surroundings is dedicated to making women look and feel their best by offering stylish and comfortable clothing, accessories, and bedding. Like Uncommon Threads, they believe that women need to put themselves first in order to take better care of their friends and family and lead more fulfilling lives. Soft Surroundings has made generous clothing donations to Uncommon Threads, and our clients greatly appreciate the comfort and quality of the clothes. Soft Surroundings operates on the central belief that wearing soft, comfortable clothes and sleeping on fine linen is something that every woman deserves and is necessary to soothe the body and the soul. We are sincerely grateful for Soft Surroundings’ contributions to Uncommon Threads.

Client in Soft Suroundings