Not Your Average Clothing Program

Our philosophy is that all women deserve to feel worthy, strong and beautiful. So we offer a variety of services and programs to help women look and feel their best! By combining clothing and styling services with positive empowerment skills, we help women improve their outer appearance and shift inner self-talk. Because when a woman views herself as strong and capable, she can move forward and make positive life changes for herself and those around her.  

Uncommon Threads touches the lives of more than 1,200 low-income women each year through the following empowerment programs and services:

Self-esteem styling

Uncommon Threads provides an innovative outside-in/inside-out approach to helping women see and feel their true potential by combating negative self-image and actively engaging them to make physical and mental shifts.  Clients receive a personal styling session and up to four complete outfits, including shoes and accessories. They may return for additional sessions and services with an agency referral.

Session goals:

  • Use clothing and style as tools to help women reduce negative self-messaging, encourage self-love and acceptance, and counteract body image issues
  • Level the playing field by providing low-income women with quality (and properly fitting) clothing to suit their lifestyle and personality
  • Improve connections and reduce isolation by creating a community of supportive women

Workforce styling 

A professional look is essential when it comes to success in the workplace. 80% of first impressions are visual and experts say that opinions are formed within 10 seconds of meeting someone. The way one dresses can actually reflect on self-esteem, self-respect, creativity, confidence, organizational skills, judgment, and reliability.

Uncommon Threads offers styling sessions for low-income women who are actively seeking employment, interviewing, or currently working. During each session, clients are coached on how to dress to project a professional image, educated on their best styles and colors, and taught how to mix and match pieces to maximize their wardrobe. Clients receive up to four high-quality outfits (complete with shoes and accessories) and may return for additional services as needed.

We work with women who are referred by numerous local programs including the Lawrence Community Works Bank Teller Program, Lazarus House job training programs, the Family Self-Sufficiency Programs of Methuen and North Andover, and the Point After Club.

Women’s Empowerment Center

The purpose of the Women’s Empowerment Center is to increase long-term self-esteem by educating and strengthening women through skill-building and self-exploration.  The Center provides a supportive community where women can learn from each other and combat the feeling of isolation.  

Clients are encouraged to attend monthly self-esteem focused workshops and other programs. Topics include overcoming obstacles, healthy eating, mind-body connection, self-expression through art, self-love, and beauty (hair and makeup). Workshops are taught by volunteers who are experienced life coaches, art teachers, therapists, and others.

Emergency Clothing

Uncommon Threads meets the needs of the wider community by providing emergency clothing services for those affected by a natural disaster, homelessness, fire, domestic violence, or other circumstances. During the winter months, our drop-in “Bundle Up” program offers warm clothing with no referral needed.

Clothing distribution

We hold client clearance sales every other month to distribute excess inventory to deserving women.  Excellent condition clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories are offered to clients at a highly discounted price (fill a shopping bag for $10). Volunteers are on hand to help clients select appropriate clothing, and ensure clients have a positive shopping experience.