A Mom Reunites with her Children

December 19th, 2017

“Deb” (not her real name) came into the boutique in oversized, ill-fitting clothes, very sad and lethargic. She said she needed an outfit for an upcoming court date. We put together an outfit right away and she loved it! As Deb looked at herself in the mirror, her face lit up and her whole demeanor changed.

Next, we created casual, warm outfits, each better than the next. About halfway through the session, as we were designing another outfit, Deb remarked that no one had ever waited on her before. It was clear in that moment she felt special.

At checkout, Deb teared up. She could not believe the two bags we packed were for her. She has been homeless without any clothes for so long. When Deb left, we hoped she had the confidence to face her court date, and was able to present the right image to everyone around her.

A few days later, we received this note from her case manager:
I wanted to write to say – one of our clients visited the boutique recently. She came back with many wonderful items, but most importantly [an] appropriate dress for a court appearance that took place today. Wow! She looked amazing and radiated confidence. Her social worker, lawyer, etc. were so impressed with the work she has done and her transformation of health. She is reuniting with her children in the near future! Thank you for supporting her on this journey. We are forever thankful.